Presidential debate 2013

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Posted  Monday, February 11  2013 at  18:00

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Each of us has a unique trait. The best thing is not to dwell on the weaknesses of people. We need to appreciate each other - Dida.

I bring freshness in politics. I will give my best so every Kenyan can live in dignity and we can be united - Kiyiapi.

Kenya is a country with great potential. We need to break away from the past. I will lead a government that will be a zlistening government that seesk to unleash the potential of our people. It will driven by action and solution to our people - Kenyatta

I offer the best choice for the presidency - Kenneth.

We are the safe hands for Kenya. If Kenyans want to move forward after President Kibaki, they should elect a Musalia Mudavadi government. - Mudavadi.

Kenya has been split by the forces for status quo and forces for change. The mediocrity that has led this country for the last 50 years has been responsible for our low economic status . The solution to Kenya is Cord that will push this country to a second world country - Raila.

Safina government. Kenya aneed an executive who has never been in the government. If that is so, Mr Muite fits the bill - Muite.


Punch Line: Martin Shikuku said that during Kanu, what was eaten up used to trickle to the down. Under this government, they eat more than Kanu and nothing trickles down - Dida.

10:44pm: We have to work with the private sector in the health sector. We must appreciate that we must work with our development partner in the health sector. We have to be pragmatic on this matter - Mudavadi.

10:38pm: We want to move to a regime of universal health care. we want to ensure all health care and dispensaries free. No woman will be charged for having to have her delivery in a public institution. We need to equip our facilities. Its the primary responsibility of government to offer medicare to its people - Uhuru.

10:35pm: If you want to improve the health sector, you have to increase the number of health workers and address remuneration. I will get doctors to get down to communities instead of waiting patients in referral hospitals - Kiyiapi.

10:31pm: A Safina government will invest more in preventive healthcare - Muite.

10:28pm: Medicare is a human right. We are going to introduce a comprehensive medical scheme. Kenyans are more concerned about services, Kenyan are willing to pay more for better services. We are going to bring services closer to the people - Raila.

10:25pm: Free universal access to health care under Martha Karua government. The strikes by nurses and doctors is not just about pay. It is also about proving facilities - Karua.

Question: How do you intend to improve the high maternal mortality rate? How will you address the remuneration of health workers?

10:22pm: We must encourage a better way of education and not rote learning. We will restore the value and dignity of the teacher. Today every child has a lawyer - Dida.

10:18pm: We need to invest more to increase quality of free primary education. The biggest elephant in the room is corruption. If you stop corruption you will be to finance all these improvements. If we are to fight corruption we must have the courage to face the past - Muite.

Highlight: Only Kiyiapi and Dida have children in public schools.

10:15pm: PUNCH LINE: There is indeed wastage in government. I tried to cut on expenses and we must agree that the greatest spender on foreign trips in the coalition government has been the office of the prime minister - Kenyatta.

10:08pm: We must offer equal opportunity to education. Free education must be truly free. We will also ensure a higher rate of transition from primary to secondary. We want to address the issue of girl child education, we will ensure sanitary towels in each school. There is a shortage of teachers, we must hire more teachers - Raila.

10:06pm: Infrastructure in our schools must be taken over by the government. All primary schools should also have a day secondary school - Karua.

10:04pm: We could privatise port of Mombasa and turn it around to generate revenue to address issues like health and education. Under Amani government, education will be free up to form four - Mudavadi.

10.00pm: We must look at quality of our education. We must carry out reforms right from ECD. I do not agree we have a shortfall of teachers, we have a problem of distribution of teachers. We have to have polytechnics in every constituency. We have not invested in education using the money we have borrowed. - Kenneth.

9:59pm: We want to move to a situation where no child under 18 is out of school. We also want to ensure we have one technical school in every ward. This will go along way in removing breeding ground for criminal behaviour - Kenyatta.

9:57pm: We don't have enough classes in secondary schools. I will take Ksh 3 billion and go to 3,00 day schools and build a classroom which in total will take in 150, 000 pupils. I would like to hire 20, 000 teachers every years - Kiyiapi.

Question: What will you do to ensure the pupils from primary schools transit to secondary schools?

9:52pm: The code of conduct is for everybody. God has designed and he knows who will be the president. I concur with president Obama we should not settle our differences on the streets - Dida.

9:51pm: In every speech I have made I have stood for peace. I believe if politicians used due processes people will not go to the streets. Kenya is far greater than any single individual - Kenyatta.

9:50pm: Our own interest should not make the country kneel. If I lose i have no problem to concede - Kenneth.

9:48pm: We must be prepared to concede where somebody else has taken the day - Mudavadi.

9:47pm: We should never tell Kenyans to rise against each other. We should let the judiciary handle all disputes - Karua.

9:45pm: We do want what happened in 2008 to be repeated. We have said that we will accept free and fair elections. The media should also help us by desisting from going along ethnic lines - Raila.

9:44pm: We have steered clear of whipping ethnic emotions. We will accept the results of a free and fair election. We will not ask young people to protest - Muite.

Question: What will each of pledge to do to ensure Kenya is peaceful during and after the election?

9:40pm: The happenings of Tana River were unfortunate. We need to recognise the problem of Tana River goes a little deeper. Pastoralists will be given adequate water for their livestock and we will expand irrigation for the farming communities so that we can to reduce areas of conflict - Kenyatta.

9:39pm: What happened in Tana River was unacceptable. If its happens under my watch, I will ask the cabinet secretary to report to that place and stay there until the problem is resolved. I will require security agencies aligned in command, we will make sure we give them the tools and capacity - Kiyiapi.

9:36pm: It will no longer be acceptable for insecurity to continue. The message will go out that the GSU or the army can be used to deal with insecurity. -Muite

9:34pm: We must have secure our borders. Internally, we must continue with police reforms that can discharge its responsibility effectively. There are certain historical issues that we also have to address. Pastoralism can not be sustainable in an environment of climate change. We need to improve community policing - Raila.

9:30pm: I would invest in security and the root causes of poverty and underdevelopment. Also investing in the community so that they become partners with the police. Police should be able to use satellite to monitor vast areas. I will cut wasteful spending- Karua.

9:28pm: We must create an environment where communities are talking to each other. Tana River conflict is a resource based conflict. We must invest appropriately on our security agencies. - Mudavadi.

9:25pm: As commander in chief, security will have to be absolute. I want to undertake reforms in the police sector. Its a scandal that Police can be killed the way they were killed in Baragoi. Events in Tana River should never happen in a modern country. We need to reduce our recurrent expenses including travelling and motor vehicle expenditures. We can save 150-180 billion. - Kenneth.

9:25pm: Question: What are you future plans on insecurity in the country?


END OF PART ONE: We are taking a short break and we shall be back with more questions- Julie Gichuru

9:09pm: We are trying to resolve this matter peacefully with Uganda. It is not good to go to war with a peaceful neighbour over a piece of rock in the lake - Raila.

9:08pm: Migingo is in Kenya and we have to use diplomacy to make our neighbours agree with us - Mudavadi.

9:07pm: Migingo is in Kenya and we have to map it correctly and register our territories - Kenyatta.

Punch line: When a society votes for Waititu and not Jimnah then there's a problem - Dida

9:00pm: What happens after the fall of a dictatorship is a proliferation of parties. After that parties begin to coalesce like what we have in Kenya today. We have a clear agenda of democracy and reform - Raila.

8:59pm: What we have to do now is to relook at legislation on political parties. We need to relook at the legislation if we are to have stable political parties - Mudavadi.

8:55pm: I was chairman of Kanu and after differences I formed my party in order we could have a platform where we could push for an agenda together with our partners - Kenyatta.

8:52pm: RPK was formed by people who viewed politics differently...where leadership can be trusted. We are an example of how a community group can grow - Kiyiapi

Question: What are you doing to make sure the country departs from the culture of temporary political parties?

8:50pm: Kenya is a sovereign nation, we do not need to take instructions form other countries. Kenyans need to make the right choice. I believe our judiciary has the capacity to deal with this issue - Raila.

8:48: I appeal to Kenyans this (ICC) is not a laughing matter. You must ask yourself whether the vote is for Kenya or for an individual - Mudavadi

8:41pm: We tried everything possible but the two people now facing the charges frustrated these efforts - Raila

Question: Raila Odinga why is it difficult for people to trust your position on a local tribunal

8:34pm: Every Kenyan knows where I stood on this matter. Me and President Kibaki spent 8 hours in Parliament to try and set up a local tribunal. But I know its going to cause serious challenges to run the government via skype from the Hague - Raila.

8:33pm: There are implications on how Kenyans will vote. - Mudavadi

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